All About Me

I am a Colorado tansplant. I have lived in Colorado since I was nine years old. My home town is Elizabeth CO. where I currently live.

I currently work as a IT Sepcialist with Frequent Flyer Services. I administer our web servers and do any task that relates to IT.

I have been creating web sites since 1995 off and on. I find that this is the one thing I like to do with a computer the most. While in the begining I was not all that serious, I now have an indepth knowledge of Web Developemnt.

I attended the University of Northern CO. in 1985. Since then I have furthured my education at Colorado Technical University in Software Engineering.

I spent over twenty years as an Audio Engineer doing all kinds of live events from weddings to national tours. I gave that up to persue my passion for web developement. I would not give up that experience for anything. I have a million stories to tell about that life. I gave that up to create a stable life for my daughter.

My profesional interests include LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), JavaScript and anything else UNIX like. I have good skills in WordPress developement. I can trouble shoot and repair OSX computers. I code HTML/CSS and PHP by hand but I am all for using frameworks like CodeIignigher and jQuery.